Wasp on the Prayer Flag (2021)

(Praise X 3)

This is Maeve’s fifth collection with Alba Publishing. It chronicles the years from 2018-2021 in haiku and senryu. Rooted in Ireland and its varied landscapes, with some ‘postcards’ from the UK and Europe, this collection celebrates the inspiration and consolation of nature and the durability of human connections. Once again we experience O’Sullivan’s keen eye and her skilful combination of karumi (lightness of touch) with depth of feeling.


Charity Partner:

30% of all profits from sales of this book go to the charity Asral Mongolia.


Praise for "Wasp on the Prayer Flag (2021)"

  1. Matthew Paul

    Maeve O’Sullivan has an unerring gift for rendering momentary experience – outdoors among weather, flora and fauna, or just pottering at home – into memorable, often beautiful haiku or amusing senryu

  2. Catherine Phil MacCarthy

    These meditative haiku discover magnificence in the everyday. Alert to how birds, plants and insects revel in weather and the seasons, they connect our human world with the cosmos, and the natural world with the timeless

  3. Julie Warther

    Wasp on the Prayer Flag is an excellent poetic guidebook for Maeve O’Sullivan’s native Ireland and places beyond

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